Dette er en testside for programtillegget Changes som automatisk kan generere en endringslogg for wiki-en. Det finnes en del mulige innstillinger i dette programtillegget som er beskrevet på denne siden.


Optionally you can specify a number of parameters that control the scope of the shown changes and the way the list is rendered. By default plugin shows the changes in the entire wiki. To restrict the list of changes to a given namespace and its sub-namespaces you can specify its name either directly or using ns parameter:


The ns parameter supports both inclusion and exclusion of the namespaces. If a namespace name starts with a minus sign that namespace will be excluded. Also you can assign a number of namespaces as a comma separated list:

  {{changes>ns = -foo}}
  {{changes>ns = foo, bar, -bar:baz}}

The first example will show the changes in all namespaces except of “foo”, the second one will include “foo” and “bar” namespaces except of “bar:baz” sub-namespace.

The number of changes that are presented in the list is controlled with count parameter (defaults to 10). The count can also be specified as just a number:


It is also possible to control the type of changes shown in the list. By default all types are shown but with type parameter you can restrict the shown changes to a given type. The supported types are create, edit, minor and delete. Multiple types can be specified separated by a comma:

  {{changes>type = create}}
  {{changes>type = edit, minor}}

You can also filter by user. Multiple users are also separated by comma:

  {{changes>user = rauschen}} 
  {{changes>user = rauschen, andi}}

Filtering by age is possible, too. Just specify the maximum age in seconds (or configure a default in the config).

  {{changes>maxage = 500}}

The changes can be rendered either as a simple list (default) or using Pagelist plugin. You have to install the Pagelist plugin separately, if it's not available the simple list is used instead. The renderer is selected with the “render” parameter:

  {{changes>render = list}}
  {{changes>render = pagelist}}

The renderers can have extra parameters (a.k.a. flags), which can be passed within parenthesis as a comma-separated list:

  {{changes>render = list(signature)}}
  {{changes>render = pagelist(header, nouser)}}
  {{changes>ns = foo,  bar, -bar:baz&render = pagelist}}
  {{changes>type = create&render = list(dayheaders, signature, nocomments, nouser)}}

The built-in list renderer supports the following parameters:

  summary, nosummary — show/hide the change summary.
  signature, nosignature — show/hide user name and time of the change.
  dayheaders — Group changes by a heading (date of the change).
  nocomments — desable show nr. of comments if you have Discussion plugin.
  nouser — do not show user column in the list.
  nodesc — nodescription (if you have Pagelist plugin)

By default only the summary is shown. For the list of parameters supported by Pagelist plugin refer to its documentation.

If you want to pass a number of parameters to the plugin they should be separated with an ampersand, for example:



  {{changes>type = create&render = list(signature)}}

  {{changes>type = create&render = list(dayheaders, signature)}}

  {{changes>type = create&render = list(dayheaders, signature, summary)}}





  {{changes>ns = -wiki}}

  {{changes>ns = wiki, lp_tr, -bar:baz}}



  {{changes>type = create}}

  {{changes>type = edit, minor}} 

  {{changes>type = edit}} 

  {{changes>user = rada}} 

  {{changes>user = rada, jcs}}

  {{changes>maxage = 500}}

  {{changes>render = list}}

  {{changes>render = pagelist}}

  {{changes>render = list(signature, summary)}}

  {{changes>render = pagelist(header, nouser)}}

  {{changes>render = pagelist(header)}}

  {{changes>ns = foo,  bar, -bar:baz&render = pagelist}}

  {{changes>type = create&render = list(dayheaders, signature, nouser)}}


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