Rolling stock/Appendix 3.d: Axleloads and linear loads in relation to bridge load capacities

Permissible axle loads / linear loads on bridges


P = axle load [t]

L, a, b = distances in [m]

For more details see EN 15528. Explanation to notes in the table:

1) For 6-akslede vogner tillates P/b=15 t/m når P15 t. / For 6-axled wagons P/b=15t/m is allowed when P15 t

2) Maksimal hastighet 60 km/h på bruene mellom km. 1,50 og km. 2,30 / Max speed 60 km/h on the bridges between km 1,50 and km 2,30.

3) Maks. hastighet 60 km/h på bru over ”Hjuksa” / Max speed 60km/h on bridge over ”Hjuksa”

4) Maksimal hastighet 30 km/h på bruene over Væla / Max speed 30 km/h on bridges over ”Væla”

5) Beregnet med b = 0,9m / Calculated with b = 0,9 m